Impure Mathematics for Physics

Geometry is for realism, algebra is for wishes.


Figure 1: Dark protons, light neutrons of element 26

The discovery of the structure of the iron nucleus occurred on May 25, 2017.

Iron is magnetic because its nucleus has two loops of protons that are coaxial.


Figure 2 : Non-ferrous and ferromagnetic elements have different shapes. These two elements have the same shape, within tolerances.

Here is a link to some more glass bead models and discussions.

Lithium is rare because iron is common

The pyramids in Figure 1 are lithium 5 isotopes. Iron has six faces that get covered by the lithium nuclei. That is a gettering process in which iron nuclear candidate fragments scour the stellar mixture for any lithium. That explains why iron is common and lithium is rare. The lithium gets combined on the cube to make Fe 57. This applies to The Pyramidal Cube Theory of the Shape of the Nucleus. 4/17/18 af



2018 Nihonium nucleus :
2017 summer periodic table:
2017 spring iron 2 loops :
2016 gravito-Maxwell :
2015 5ns constant :
2014 gravity :
October 16, 2014 began the discoveries by Alan Folmsbee

Geometry, not algebra, is what provides rapid insights into the way things really work.

November 5, 2019